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The benefits of fogging in the workplace

Fogging workplace officeFogging in the workplace is becoming increasingly commonplace for many businesses, especially in Bristol and Bath. Fogging refers to the advanced cleaning method which uses a fogging machine to dispense a fine mist of sanitising chemicals around an enclosed area. 

What are the benefits of fogging?

  1. The main benefit of fogging is its effectiveness; fogging kills 99.9999% of all known germs, bacteria, fungus and viruses, including COVID-19.
  2. Another great benefit of fogging is how it’s actually distributed. Because we dispense a fine mist throughout your office or workplace, it covers every available surface. This means the clean is unparalleled in how thorough it is. Regular cleaning just isn’t able to get to every single surface in this way.
  3.  Fogging is safe to use, even on your electrical equipment. You won’t have to worry about damaging your computers or laptops, as fogging is a ‘dry mist’, and won’t do any damage to those items.
  4. It’s extremely quick, so if you have a suspected case of COVID in the workplace, fogging means that you’ll be able to have the entire place sanitised and work-ready quickly – typically within a couple of hours. This means less down time, less chance of losing money and increased safety for you and your team.
  5. The final benefit is how flexible fogging can be when you book with The Fine Cleaning Company. We charge per square foot, so your price will be directly linked to the size of the space. Furthermore, we can fit the fogging service in around your timetable and schedule. This will ensure the entire operation is carried out smoothly and with as little disruption as possible.

What are the dangers of fogging?

The main danger of fogging is when you use an unqualified or inexperienced supplier, and who is therefore not able to operate the machinery safely. This is not something that you can DIY! There are some cheap fogging machines that don’t have the full safety measures in place to deliver the fog in a safe and effective way.

With The Fine Cleaning Company, you can rest assured that all of our modern machines are fully-insured and serviced to the highest standards, and our technicians have a wealth of experience and knowledge to get the job done safely and effectively.

How do I book a fogging service?

To book a fogging clean, or to find out more and see if it could work for your office space, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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