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What to look for in a commercial cleaning company

If you’re looking for a professional cleaning company to take care of the cleaning in your business, it can be hard to know where to start!

As with any new business relationship, you want to find a company that makes the process as easy as possible, and delivers on their promises.

To help you find the right commercial cleaning firm for your business, here’s what to look for…

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1. Communication is key

There’s nothing more frustrating that slow responses – and when it comes to getting the service that you expect, communication is key.

As a busy manager, you no doubt want a cleaning team who feel like part of your business, making your job that bit easier. Look for a firm who are pleasant to communicate with from the get-go, as this sets the tone for your whole relationship.

Cleaning sink and surfaces with eco-friendly cleaning products

2. Putting the planet first

In today’s world, we need to consider the environment more than ever. In the cleaning world, sustainable cleaning is all about using safer products and methods, for the health of us and the planet.

Look for a cleaning company who use eco-friendly materials, reduce waste and avoid toxic chemicals, to give peace of mind that your commercial cleaning is being delivered in a sustainable way – without compromising on quality.

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3. Flexible and reliable

A great cleaning company will be flex their services around your business priorities. If your team work 9-5, you’ll want to arrange cleaning in the early morning or evening, for example.

It’s best to let your cleaning company know what times work best for you, as well as discussing any ad hoc or emergency needs that may arise outside of your typical hours. Convenience and discretion from your cleaning team helps you to keep your business running smoothly, so make sure you choose a company who are able to deliver.

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4. Experience counts

While it’s great to support start-ups, a long-standing cleaning brand that knows the ropes is more likely to provide the high standard and fuss-free service that you expect.

A team who are used to cleaning commercial spaces will bring the quality experience that your business needs, and a proven track record of successful years in the business gives you the reassurance that you’re choosing an established cleaning brand.

Look for a cleaning company that invests in ongoing training for their team, ensuring that their knowledge and skills are up to date, so that you know your clean will be delivered to the highest of standards.

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5. The right tools for the job

When hiring a professional cleaning service, you’ll want to ensure that they have the best professional equipment and cleaning supplies for the job.

This could include industrial carpet cleaners, window cleaning poles or floor polishers, as well as specialist products for disinfection and sanitisation.

At The Fine Cleaning Company, we follow a set checklist for every clean, ensuring that each area of your business receives the attention it needs, with the right tools for the job.

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6. Make sure you’re covered

A reputable cleaning firm will invest in liability insurance for their business and their team, giving you protection should any accidents occur.

They should be fully insured to use any professional equipment needed, and if any damage did arise then you know that your business is fully covered.

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7. A bespoke service

Your business is unique, so why shouldn’t your cleaning service be, too?

Your cleaning firm should tailor the service to your needs – for example, medical settings will require cleaning firms to adhere to strict guidelines, and offices with IT equipment will need to approached with awareness of how to clean without disrupting or damaging hardware.

Cleaning a workplace is totally different to cleaning a home, so the cleaning company that you engage should be ready to tailor your service to you. You may need deeper cleans after specific events, or add-ons like upholstery cleaning and floor polishing – ensuring you have a totally tailored service is the hallmark of a great cleaning firm.

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8. Check the reviews

One of the best ways to check a company’s reputation is by looking at what it’s customer have to say.

Reviews let you find out how trusted a brand is, and whether it is recommended by other reputable businesses in your area.

A great company will be proud to share reviews from clients, and will generally have a good quantity of reviews from a range of online sources.

Engaging a commercial cleaning company not only saves you time and hassle, but ensures that your business premises are always ready to deliver the very best experience for your team and clients.

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