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Here’s why your current commercial cleaning may no longer be enough

Cleaning handrailWe all want to work in a clean and tidy environment; but since the pandemic, ‘clean’ has taken on a whole new meaning.

Our expectations of cleaning have shifted, both in our homes and our workplaces. With much more awareness of germs and the way in which disease can spread, people now need the reassurance that they are in a safe environment, and that the proprietors take cleaning seriously.

More and more employees are taking an interest in the cleaning and safety precautions in their workplace, and rightly so! This is not an area to take lightly, especially when government guidelines come into play.

As an employer, you are responsible for making sure that your team is working in a clean, safe and COVID-secure workplace. You can show your team that you take their safety seriously by:

  • Publishing an updated workplace safety manual, which incorporates COVID measures and cleaning procedures
  • Supplying hand sanitiser and cleaning materials throughout your workplace
  • Educating your team on how to keep the area clean
  • Encouraging regular cleaning throughout the working day
  • Raising awareness of germ hotspots in your workplace

Unfortunately, the standard of cleaning that you relied on before the pandemic is unlikely to be sufficient any more. To achieve a sufficient level of cleaning, the right chemicals need to be used in the right way – and standard cleaning sprays and cloth wipes are probably not enough.

If someone in your workplace has had a COVID contact, there is a risk that your office is now contaminated. To prioritise the safety of your staff and clientele, it’s important to deep clean your workplace as soon as possible. Deep cleaning, including decontamination fogging, is the best way to ensure that your office is safe after an outbreak, and is something that we specialise in here at The Fine Cleaning Company.

Our commercial cleaning services can keep your team happy, safe and productive – get in touch today to arrange your commercial cleaning quote.

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