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Decontamination (Fogging) & Infection Control Cleaning

Commercial decontamination in office

With the current COVID -19 outbreak now effecting the UK never has it been a better time to make sure that your business, place of education or home is safe from all types of bacteria, fungi and viruses not just now but as an ongoing part of your regular cleaning routine.

Whilst wiping the surfaces over with a cloth is the option most of the population would turn to, the traditional cleaning method is only effective at getting rid of 11% of harmful bacteria and viruses. Wiping down surfaces can actually spread germs, especially when only one cloth is used to clean all surfaces!

That process is disinfectant fogging. It uses a technology to break down the disinfectant into a tiny mist which enables it to contact every nook and cranny in each room as well as any airborne bacteria or viruses!!! Once it contacts bacteria, virus or fungus it kills it within 60 seconds!!! This, combined with our current cleaning procedures will ensure a safer and cleaner area for all our children, staff and families.

Our trained Fine Cleaning team can carry out Decontamination & Infection Control cleaning and sanitising using fogging to destroy all traces of the virus.

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