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What is a Deep Clean and why is it needed?

On our first visit to your home, we’ll book you in for an initial Deep Clean.

This initial visit is more like a spring-cleaning, and means that we can take care of all of the ‘first-time’ tasks which require extra attention.

This makes things quicker and easier to maintain on our regular cleaning visits to follow, and has the added bonus of leaving your home looking beautiful after just one visit!

Why is a Deep Clean necessary?

It would be virtually impossible for our team to skip the Deep Clean and go straight to weekly cleaning sessions, as we simply wouldn’t have enough time each visit to maintain your home to our usual high standards.

There’s a big difference between “old dirt” and “new dirt”. If we don’t get rid of the old dirt, no matter how hard we try, simply removing the new dirt isn’t going to make things look sparklingly fresh and clean! A Deep Clean means that your home is starting out at it’s very best, ready for us to upkeep for you.

Why is a Deep Clean different?

It is not unusual for us to spend as much time cleaning one bathroom on our first visit as it takes to clean the entire home on subsequent visits. For example, if we don’t spend the time and effort usually needed to get shower doors, shower door tracks, shower and bathtub walls, bathtub surfaces, plumbing fixtures and porcelain artifices deep-cleaned, these areas will never look perfectly clean, no matter how often we clean.

Kitchen cabinets, worktops and appliances often require extra attention on our first visit. Grease, fingerprints and other dirt seem to make their way through everyone’s home, and gravitate toward the kitchen (and seem to think that the top of the fridge is an especially good place to hide!). It doesn’t take long for kitchen dust to become impregnated with grease – certainly a lot more difficult to clean then a week’s accumulation of ordinary surface dust. Some clients ask us to clean inside the refrigerator or cupboards on our first visit, too, to leave every surface refreshed.

Why does it cost more?

A Deep Clean takes time – it’s not uncommon for our teams to spend up to 8 times longer on a first-time cleaning than it takes us on regular, repeat maintenance visits.

The amount of time and effort required to bring all rooms back to ‘peak condition’ depends on many factors. Most of our clients hire us because they simply don’t have time to clean in-depth, or prefer to spend their time doing other things (and we don’t blame them!). Perhaps no one has vacuumed behind or beneath the settee for months, as moving furniture to clean isn’t as easy for one person as it is for a team of cleaners. Bookshelves, skirting boards, windowsills, windows, and other furnishings and fixtures are often neglected for long periods of time, and may require extra initial TLC.

While the Deep Clean process takes a little more time to complete, our clients choose The Fine Cleaning company because of our high standards and attention to detail – something which we feel is worth every penny to ensure that your home looks its best.

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Our promise to you

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