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Is disinfectant fogging safe to use in an office?

Open plan officeWe’re seeing more and more enquiries about disinfectant fogging lately, and for good reason – it’s a highly effective way to thoroughly clean your home or workplace, particularly after a potential COVID contact.

Many people ask us about the safety of disinfectant fogging, particularly in regards to their employees and the equipment within their workplace. We’ve answered your questions on fogging here:

Is fogging safe for my team?

Fogging disperses antiviral disinfectant around a sealed room as a very fine mist, which enables it to reach all surface areas, as well as any airborne bacteria or viruses.

When administered by a trained professional using HSE-authorised products, fogging is a safe and effective way to clean your workplace. It’s important that the rooms to be fogged are vacated, so that we can apply the disinfectant fog at the most effective concentration and it can then be left to evaporate, as well as allowing it to reach all areas of the room.

Is fogging safe to use around IT equipment?

The ‘dry mist’ that we use for our disinfectant fogging is safe for IT and electrical equipment such as printers, computers and keyboards.

This means that there’s no need to clear your desks or empty your office before a fogging. Equipment should, however, be turned off before a fogging, so that the disinfectant isn’t drawn into any sensitive internal circuitry.

When can I return to my office after a fogging service?

While the fogging process itself is relatively quick, the antiviral disinfectant needs time to work on all of the surfaces in your workplace. Your team will normally be able to return to the workplace around 6 hours after a fogging service.

Here at The Fine Cleaning Company, we take safety serious. We follow the recommended standards and safety guidelines set out by Public Health England and the UK Government.

If you have any questions about our decontamination and infection control deep-cleaning services, you can reach us on 0845 475 4131, or through our contact form.

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