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The Fine Cleaning Company Franchise

Looking for a better work life balance, where you can work from home as your own boss with more time and financial freedom?
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How does The Fine Cleaning Company Franchise work?

As a Fine Cleaning Company Franchisee, you will be providing customers with a bespoke service to meet their individual requirements. One of the many fantastic benefits of running a cleaning company is the ability to sell your services to a wide range of domestic and commercial clients.

As well as homeowners, businesses like office buildings, shops, restaurants, letting agents and building contractors all need regular and reliable cleaning services. Whether it is a one-off deep clean or a regular service, you will provide a service that works to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, with total care and the highest attention to detail.

You don’t need to do the work yourself – you’ll employ a team of cleaners, who are skilled in delivering a high quality service to clients in your area. As the business owner, it’ll be your job to bring in new clients, keep your team busy and performing at their best, and concentrate on growing your business. 

The Fine Cleaning Company has a reputation for being “the best of the best,” and we expect our franchisees to have the same goal: providing a superior service that delivers outstanding results.

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  • Exclusive territory
  • 5-year term with an option to renew
  • Comprehensive operations manual
  • Access to our bespoke cleaning software package
  • The Fine Cleaning Company branded clothing
  • Equipment starter pack
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  • Head Office leads
  • Pre-launch marketing campaign
  • Marketing materials
  • Full admin support
  • Diary management

How much does a cleaning franchise cost?

Our complete franchise start-up package is available for £15,000.

This low initial investment includes everything you need to get started, and means that your new business will cost you just £250 a month for the first 5 years of your business – and after that, you’re up and running!

We offer a range of finance options to help you invest in your business, and can point you in the direction of government funding and loan plans to give you the capital you need to unlock your dream career.

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FINANCE OPTION50% deposit, then 50% over 12 months

What else do I get for my investment?

As well as buying the blueprint for a successful business, you’ll get access to expert mentoring, plus the professional software, branding and marketing support to get your business started.

We’ll even provide you with the equipment you need to start selling to clients, and give you access to discounted rates from our preferred suppliers to make things as easy and cost-effective as possible.

How much money can I make?

You can expect to start making money within your second month of business – plus, we’ll guarantee that you’ll make at least £50,000 turnover in your first year if you employ a cleaning team, with a net profit at 15% giving you £7,500, on top of your salary and dividends. If you choose to do some of the cleaning work yourself, you can expect to make significantly more.

This is just the beginning – by your fifth year, you can expect to be making upward of £250k turnover per year… and when it comes to running your business, the sky’s the limit.

All about franchising: what, why and how to invest in a franchise

Since we started to offer franchising opportunities here at The Fine Cleaning Company, we are often asked what franchising really means!

Franchising is when an established company, like The Fine Cleaning Company, gives you the opportunity to run your own Fine Cleaning Company business, by buying into our proven business model and replicating our success in a new region.

When you invest in a franchise with The Fine Cleaning Company, you’ll be running your own business, and your team will be providing both domestic and commercial customers with a bespoke service at the highest of standards.

Your franchise package includes:

  • Exclusive business territory
  • A 5-year term, with an option to renew
  • A comprehensive operations guide
  • Access to our bespoke cleaning software package
  • The Fine Cleaning Company branded clothing
  • An equipment starter pack
  • Leads from head Office
  • A dedicated pre-launch marketing campaign
  • Marketing materials
  • Full admin support
  • Diary management
  • The ability to take ownership of your career, and run your own business

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Is a franchise the same as a start-up?

Investing in a franchise is similar to starting a new business, except for one key difference: the hard work has already been done for you!

As we’ve already spent years refining our business model, finding out how best to attract customers and discovering how to build a team of great employees, this model is ready for you to apply into your new business straight away, taking away much of the guesswork that comes with a start-up.

Sadly, only around 4% of start-ups last beyond the 3-5 year mark; franchises, however, have a 94% success rate! As a franchise gives you the template for success, franchise owners are saving themselves the time and money that can be lose when trying to learn how to budget, advertise, recruit and run a brand new business.

By investing in a Fine Cleaning Company cleaning franchise, you’ll be given a marketing plan and an operations manual to follow, packed with the support and knowledge that only comes with years of real life experience.

With a Fine Cleaning Company franchise, you also have the support of our Head Office team, as well as other franchisees – so if you hit any challenges in your working day, we’re here to help. We’ll show you how to run a successful business, giving you the skills and tools needed to set yourself up for success.

Many people will reach a point in their career when they’ve grown tired of working for someone else, and have developed the skills and drive to start something of their own.

More and more of us are looking for more flexibility and work-life balance, as well as the opportunity to build a business that we truly believe in.

Franchising is a great fit for people who are keen for the independence of owning their own business, with the added support that comes from an established business.

It also means you’re able to get things up and running far quicker than if you were to start from scratch, with less of the downtime or loss of income that can come from starting out on your own.

The initial funding required to buy your franchise can seem like a large investment, but there are plenty of options available to make starting your business an achievable goal. These funding options include:

Bank Loan: your high street bank can offer competitive rates, but they’ll also want some assurance that you’ll be able to repay the loan. To help your application, we can provide you with a business plan, budgets and forecasts for your region, to give you the best chance of a successful application.

Start Up Loan: a Start Up Loan is a government-backed personal loan available to people starting or growing a business in the UK, and is provided through the British Business Bank. The loan is unsecured, so you won’t need to provide any guarantors or risk any assets for the application. Furthermore, if successful, you will receive 12 months of free mentoring, as well as professional business support resources. The maximum available per individual is £25,000, and the interest rate is set at 6% per annum. Find out more here.

Enterprise Finance Guarantee: this is another government-backed scheme, which will ask to see a business strategy and proposition. As with the bank loan option, we can help you with the application, the business plans, budgeting and forecasting, giving you the best opportunity to succeed. In this scheme, the government backs 75% of the loan, with the aim of reducing the risk to the lender, making them more likely to lend. Find out more here.

Local Government Finance Support: there are also plenty of regional government-funded support services available, designed to help start-ups and small businesses flourish. Each scheme varies, so you’ll need to check your eligibility for the support available in your local area – the individual schemes can then often advise you on what will be best for you. Find out more here.

Personal savings: as well as avoiding interest payments and loan applications, using your personal savings to invest in a franchise can also give you more motivation to succeed. With current interest rates so low, using your personal savings to invest in your business (and your future) is often a more fruitful option than letting it gather dust in a savings account!

Funding circle: funding Circle is a government-accredited lender which specialises in funding start-ups, franchises and small businesses. They tend to be more flexible than banks for business loans, and offer a quick online model to check your eligibility and lending potential. Find out more here.

We are committed to ensuring that our Franchisees have all of the knowledge and tools they need to operate a successful business so our comprehensive initial training takes place over 2 weeks and is both classroom and field based. We cover an extensive range of business and operational topics so that you can get the business operational as quickly as possible. The training programme takes you through the process of how to secure a new customer, how to price their requirements and how to carry out the required cleaning processes.

However, the training and support doesn’t end there, we will continually work with you and your team to provide you with the skills to grow your business.

Apart from supporting your business we will also support you in developing yourself as a business owner with professional coaching and mentoring.

What type of franchisee are we looking for?

Although we do not require Franchisees to have previous experience in this market there are certain traits that we look for. We are looking for people who have a sense of pride in their work and a high attention to detail. Franchisees will need some business acumen, but more importantly you will want to build a business that provides excellent customer service and you will have the ambition to grow it.

Once you’ve decided that owning a franchise is the right decision for your future, the next step is to get in touch!

If you’d like to find out more about owning a Fine Cleaning Company franchise, we’d love to show you how it could work for your life. We can also advise you on funding options, as well as give you a better idea of the resources and support that are included in your franchise package.

There are few things more exciting than owning your own business and watching it thrive under your management – talk to us today to take the first step towards your new career.

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If you’d like to find out more about running a Fine Cleaning Company franchise, get in touch today. For further information please give us a call on 0845 475 4131, email us at or fill up the form below.

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