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10 ideas for a Valentine’s Day date at home


Planning a surprise for your partner can be difficult; especially during lockdown! To help you to enjoy a memorable and romantic date night without leaving the house, here are our top Valentine’s Day ideas for a lockdown date…


1. Set up a virtual concert or live show: Virtual gigs and theatre shows are becoming more common, so check with your favourite artist or ticket selling site to see if there are any on the 14th. You can tune in from the comfort of your own home – dim the lights and crank up the volume for the real gig experience! If there aren’t any live shows taking your fancy, why not cue up a YouTube playlist of your favourite live performances, or a Spotify playlist of your favourite songs to stream all day long.

2. Wine or beer tasting: Whether you love pinot noir or pale ales, a tasting is a low-key and fun idea that can be its own date or a precursor to dinner. Pick up a selection of old favourite and new discoveries at the supermarket, and lay them out to try – or have a go at blind tasting to put your knowledge to the test! Cocktail mixing is another fun way to liven up an evening at home – with plenty of tutorials online, you can follow along or create your own. Keep the party moving with a ‘bar crawl’ around the house – bonus points for giving punny names to each at-home bar you stop at.

3. Take a virtual class: Enjoy spending time together on Valentine’s Day by learning a new skill. From clay sculpting to photography, there are online courses and activity kits available for every untapped skill. A one-off tester could become a new hobby that you can both enjoy together – what better way to help lockdown fly by!

4. Recreate your first date: If you’ve been together for some time, recreating the time that you first met, or your first date, is sure fire way to get the nostalgia flooding back. Recreate your first meal together, the music that was playing, even the outfits you wore; this makes for a truly sentimental way to reflect on why you first fell for each other.

5. Get all dressed up: Amp up the romance and make it a special occasion by…. not wearing a tracksuit! We’ve all become too accustomed to comfy clothing, and while it’s practical for lockdown living, it’s made getting glammed up a real novelty. Bust out the suits and sequins and make the most of an opportunity to get your glad rags on.

6. Have a spa day: Whether or not we’d all admit it, most of us love a good pamper. From a candlelit massage, to facemasks and a bubble bath complete with champagne, and at-home spa day feels truly decadent… and comes at a fraction of the price of the real deal.

7. Open a home restaurant: Recreate the fun of a meal out at home by order a meal box; even better if you can buy local and support a small business. Check with your favourite restaurants if they’re offering takeaway or ingredient kits, pop on your chefs hat and wait on your partnert for the evening. Create the romantic bistro atmosphere with tall candles, a handwritten menu and your fanciest wine table setting.

8. Bring the cinema to you: Take movie night to the next level by creating your own personal cinema. Borrow a projector to watch movies on a blank white wall or a big screen – don’t forget plenty of cosy blankets, pillows, and fairy lights to set the scene. A blockbuster movie, complete with your favorite cinema snacks, will transport you to your own private movie theatre.

9. Create the holiday atmosphere: Take your partner on a trip away… well, virtually. We’ve all had to miss out on the opportunity to travel abroad recently, but you can spark a little of holiday magic by creating a city break experience at home. If Venice was next on your list, serve up your favourite Italian dish, try your hand at painting and take a virtual tour of one of the city’s museums. Longing for a getaway to Barcelona? Flamenco music, tapas and sangria it is! The world is your oyster.

10. Plan a scavenger hunt: A Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt is a creative and impressive gift, which is also easy to plan at home. Hide clues and riddles to lead your partner around the house – perhaps they have to decipher the clues about where you first met, your favourite album or a special photograph, each step leading them on the next clue. Don’t forget the surprise gift at the end of the hunt!


If your home is to be the stage for a romantic night in, why not take things up a notch with a professional clean? Your partner will be impressed with the thoughtful surprise, and will enjoy the break that you both get from the cleaning… giving you more to spend together enjoying your lovely clean home. Book a house clean here.


We hope that you have a special Valentine’s Day, even if you’re housebound this year!

Lots of love, The Fine Cleaning Company xoxo

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