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How long does it take to clean a house?

Alarm clockWe get it at The Fine Cleaning Company!

You’re letting us into your home and your personal space, so you need to know – “How long does it take to clean a house?” Your home is your castle and we want to make it a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable place to live. Each home is unique, so there are a range of factors that impact cleaning times. These factors include the size of the home, number of rooms, condition of the home, frequency of the cleaning, and the number of people and pets living in the home.

These factors impact the amount of time it takes to give your house a good deep scrub. That’s why we rely on professional cleaning teams that follow the most efficient residential cleaning method in the industry. How long does it take to clean your house?

Our team is in and out in no time, leaving you with a fresh, clean home—so you can keep working from home or learning online without distractions. Our proven cleaning approach includes a 36 point quality check so we can tackle even the toughest house cleaning challenges quickly.

How Long Does It Take to Clean a Kitchen?

The average cleaning time for your kitchen depends on how often you use it and clean it. If you clean as you cook, it’s easy to keep your kitchen clean regularly. You can even get a lot of those kitchen chores knocked out before you sit down to eat. Then you’re looking at a 20 to 45 minute clean-up on average. The longer you wait to clean up kitchen grease and grime, though, the tougher the job will be and the longer it will take.

Tackling a kitchen that’s not cleaned regularly can take over an hour. That includes cleaning your appliances, wiping down cabinets, and cleaning commonly missed spots. From cleaning the floor under the fridge to disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, The Fine Cleaning Company has got you covered!

How Long Does It Take to Clean a Bathroom?

Just like a kitchen, the more often you clean your bathroom, the easier and quicker the task. If you commit about 10 minutes each day to cleaning your bathroom, you prevent the scum and mildew build up that requires deeper cleaning. If you tackle the bathroom like the professionals you can get away with cleaning the bathroom less often.

If your bathroom is dingy and not smelling fresh, it’s probably time for a more thorough cleaning. To get everything shiny and germ-free, expect it to take from 20 to 45 minutes to clean a bathroom. That includes cleaning and disinfecting toilets, showers, bathtubs, and more.

How Long Does It Take to Clean a Bedroom?

Cleaning a bedroom takes from 15 minutes to over an hour. Why such a broad range? Is it your bedroom, your toddler’s bedroom, or worse your teen’s bedroom! How long it takes to clean depends on the amount of clutter and how often the bedroom is cleaned. If you wash your bedding weekly, sweep, vacuum, and dust daily, you can keep a bedroom clean in only 10 minutes a day.

If a bedroom is way past due for a cleaning, you’ll probably have to pick up clothes and tidy up before you even get to the dirt. Decluttering alone can take you 30 minutes, and you can expect it to take at least the same amount of time for a deep cleaning. From dusting and vacuuming to disinfecting and cleaning, we can tackle even the dirtiest of bedrooms and make them shine.

If you don’t have time to clean house, our well-orchestrated team is ready to go. While one team member cleans the kitchen, another cleans the bathroom or bathrooms, another vacuums, and another dusts throughout the home. This proven team approach ensures that your house gets the obsessive attention to detail it deserves.

When the team is done, your home will not only look cleaner, it will be a healthier environment for your family. From environmentally preferred cleaning products to our commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration that can remove up to 99 percent of dust and allergens, everything we use is designed to leave you with a healthier, tidier home.

Please get in touch with us today and see what a difference The Fine Cleaning Company can make to your home and to your health!


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