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Why work for a cleaning company?

Wondering if a cleaning job could be right for you? Here are 8 reasons why working for a cleaning company could be the perfect job for you and your lifestyle.

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1. Hours to suit you

Cleaning jobs are often fairly flexible, making them ideal for people with a busy family life or other commitments. At The Fine Cleaning Company, we work with our team to find hours that suit your lifestyle – so that you can enjoy a fulfilling job, whilst also making time for the important things in life.

2. Job satisfaction

If you’re the kind of person who loves seeing a meticulously organised wardrobe, a freshly-hoovered carpet or a sparkling shower screen, the job satisfaction of cleaning will certainly appeal to you! There’s nothing quite like leaving a property spick and span; a cleaning job allows you to take real pride in your work, knowing that you’re leaving your clients happy.

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3. Be part of a caring team

Being part of a cleaning team allows you to socialise and make new friends while you work. You’re also likely to get to know your clients, too, whether that’s homeowners or office managers – being greeted with a smile is a lovely start the working day.

At The Fine Cleaning Company, we always strive to bring positive people into our friendly team, making it a happy company to be a part of.

4. Make a difference

As a great cleaner, you can make a huge difference to your clients’ lives. Whether you’re leaving a family home tidy and ready for another busy week, or an office space sparkling for an important meeting, cleaning work is valuable work.

5. Learn new skills

When you join a cleaning company, you’re likely to be given specialist training for your new role. As well as developing your professional cleaning skills, a cleaning job also builds your ability to time manage and problem solve as you go; both valuable skills which can be applied to all areas of life.

At The Fine Cleaning Company, we provide comprehensive first-class training and ongoing professional development. As a member of the team, you’ll also get the opportunity to gain professional NVQ and City & Guild qualifications.

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6. Get rewarded

The best cleaning jobs offer good hourly rates, reliable hours and a consistent income. If you’re looking to earn money in exchange for good old-fashioned hard work, look no further!

At The Fine Cleaning Company, we offer our team excellent hourly rates based upon skill and experience, as well as a bonus scheme, and paid holiday.

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7. Keep active

If you’ve ever cleaning your house top to bottom, you know how much of a great workout it can be!

Cleaning can be tiring work, but after a few weeks you’ll see your fitness improving.

Compared to sitting at a desk, cleaning is an active job that keeps you fit and active. Who needs a gym membership!

8. Build a career

You might be considering a cleaning job as a short-term opportunity, but there are so many great ways to build a career in cleaning. We offer supervisor and team leader opportunities within our team, as well as Employee Development Feedback to help you develop and grow.

At The Fine Cleaning Company, we’re always keen for reliable and professional people from Bath, Bristol and North East Somerset to join our friendly cleaning team.

Whether you’re an experienced cleaner, or you’re new to the industry, if you’re hard-working and looking for a job where you can work with a friendly and welcoming team, we’d love to hear from you! If you’d like to become part of the Fine Cleaning family, get in touch today, and we can let you know which opportunities are available to you.

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